Working under the name prettyhowtown multi-instrumentalist John Noble creates sound and music on an analog modular synthesizer. John's music ranges from radio-friendly nostalgic techno influenced beats to microtonal soundscapes, trance-inducing generative works, and beyond. prettyhowtown has been featured on WNUR 89.3FM (Chicago), and he appeared as guest artist on Open Lab Radio's Beyond Corners on 89.9FM Ibiza & Formentera (Spain).

John is primarily a performance artist and frequently plays in clubs and at music festivals. Using no computers, samplers, or other modern musical aids, John improvises music on the fly using the knobs, switches and wires on the instrument itself. The result is a journey of exploration for artist and audience alike.

prettyhowtown's recorded music is made the same way: every track was recorded live to a stereo recorder, usually in one take, and is presented without editing. John feels this best preserves the spirit of his music: intensely, spiritually, and imperfectly made by a man rather than a machine.

John lives near San Diego, California.

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prettyhowtown is proud to be a Magnatune artist.

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